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General Servicing
T (844)-204-2020
F (888)-226-5124
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8:30am - 6:30pm EST
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National Sales Support (Invis/MI)
Tony Kreutzer

VP Western Canada, BC Interior and Lower Mainland

Catalina Baciu

Regional Manager Lower Mainland & Vancouver Island

Angela Baggio

Regional Manager Southwestern Ontario

Susan Thomas

Regional Manager Ontario East

Scott Wittrup

Regional Manager GTA & Atlantic Canada

National Sales Support (TMACC)
David Gyurits

Regional Manager Ontario South West and GTA West

Tony Leung

Regional Manager GTA South and GTA North

MaryAnn Nasrallah

Regional Manager Canada (All provinces)

Heather Cermak

Regional Manager Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

National Sales Support (Verico)
Martin Marshall

Sales Support for Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic

Kristy Maxwell

Sales Support for British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan

Attain Underwriting Support
Ut Yue

Director, AVEO Channel

Shamfa Pitters

Manager, AVEO Channel

Darren Todd

Prime National Support

Ben Ho

Prime National Support

Attain Underwriters

Shanon Fernandes

Prime Underwriting (BC, ON)
Near Prime Underwriting (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)